Our Mission

Piper Technologies exists to create great demand for SMART Infrastructure™ solutions, exceeding expectations on-time, every time.

Corporate Vision

While honoring God in everything we do, Piper Technologies’ vision is to become a beacon of light within our communities, a stellar investment for our stakeholders, and an indispensable partner to our customers and suppliers.

Taking a slightly deeper dive, Piper aims to help customers recognize and solve business problems with solutions that in turn improve financial performance. Through SMART Infrastructure™ products and services, Piper is a “partner in enterprise,” cultivating long-term relationships and providing clients with substantial economic value both during the initial installation and over the life of the ongoing relationship. The way Piper does business is the reason folks choose to do business with Piper.

Piper Technologies always strives to:

  • Do it Once – Piper recognizes the magnitude of the decision a customer makes in selecting SMART Infrastructure™ products and services. Piper solutions make it possible for them to make that decision only once.
  • Do it Right – In implementing customer solutions, Piper always aims to do it right, on the customer’s terms, and in the customer’s time frame.
  • Make it Last – Piper’s people, products, and services solidify our customer relationships and make them last for the long term.

We will work hard to achieve these goals and have fun along the way.

Click here to download a copy of Piper’s Corporate Culture document.