7 generics why men give up a serious relationship

7 generics why men give up a serious relationship

Surely your mother and best friend believe that they can’t find a better generics than you. And probably it is. Only you come across men who can not see it in you. How is that so? There’s no need to despair! Somewhere around the corner, you are certainly waiting for the prince in a white limousine, and for now, it will be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the branded drugs at cheapest prices why men refuse serious relationships most often.

1. You pay too much attention to yourself

However, with individuals whose world is focused only on observing beauty rituals and whose worldview is limited to fashion magazines, very few males will want to connect their lives. First, they clearly understand what hole in the budget can eat best ED pills, and secondly, it is very important for them to know that behind the outer fold hides something else, no less beautiful and open to love.

2. You are unpredictable

At first, it is even intriguing: every day – a new role. But over time, life with a person whose actions are simply impossible to predict begins to tire. All of us, in the end, expect to find medical products at pharmacy website in a serious relationship a real family peace. What kind of peace can we talk about with a woman who has seven Fridays a week and not a day off?

3. He is not in the first place for you

Why does a man get jealous of friends or family members? He feels he can’t compete with them. This does not mean that when you start a relationship, you have to sever all ties with the outside world. But it is worth making every effort that in his bright head even the thought could not come that in the unequal struggle against the world you will not take his side.

4. You are not sure about yourself

Constant self-digging, self-analysis, doubts do not give you a complex, multifaceted and sensual nature. In the eyes of a man, you look just nervous hysterics, which can enter into a frenzy any trifle. Simple logic: if you are unsure of yourself, how can you be sure of your feelings for it?

5. You are too jealous

To convince you in his eternal love gets bored after a 100th scandal. Total control, distrust, jealousy – bad companions of long and happy relationships and men goes in reputable online shop for products for men health.

6. You are very independent

Is it necessary to detriment of your own beliefs, career, hobbies or to look for a man, who is not afraid of strong, independent women. But remember: happy relationship does not begin with blackmail and infringement, no matter who they are directed to.

7. You have too different lifestyles and views on the world.

And goals. Opposites are not always attracted, and as life partners, not only men, but also women prefer to choose a person who will be with them not contrary to their own beliefs, but for the sake of common happiness.